To understand the performance of a Li-ion battery pack

To understand the performance of a Li-ion battery pack

2009/08/09 23:35

Manual log data

log_time Voltage (V) display_scale
0:43 4.1 100%
10:30 3.86 75%
12:00 3.83 75%
13:50 3.81 75%
15:50 3.78 50%
17:00 3.76 50%
22:30 3.75 50%

Nomalised data with interpolation of the time axis


1) the capacity of the Li-ion cell is able to confirm to directly proportional to lasting of service time

2) expect a cut off voltage about 3.6V

3) voltage decay under load is expected non-linear at whole capable supply range

quick charger with higher-C is not benefiting the cell performance in
term of time of discharge or supply voltage unless over charge the cell
without aware offset the cell life


circuitry of the Li-ion battery is prone to damage once the discharge
current exceeds the limit from time to time, but the Li-ion cell itself
will has no permanent damage. Beware the over charge, over discharge and
any safety issue with Li-ion battery usage.



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