PC ATX Power supply, start it without a PC

俺的 POWER SUPPLY 是好的, 因為顯示卡有問題, 所以從 ASUS P4P800 SE 的電腦拆下來當實驗用的直流電源, 因為要用它的 12V.

聽說過是可以連接某條線到 GND, 就不需要插到主機板也可啟動這個 ATX 電源. 拆開來看過, 裏面的 IC 是 2003. 跟下面那個的是一樣的

實驗, 錄色的線 (PS_ON#) 接地 (GROUND), 確定這樣 ATX POWER SUPPLY 就開始提供 12V 電力.


PS_ON# or “Power On" is a signal from the motherboard to the
power supply. When the line is connected to GND (by the motherboard),
the power supply turns on. It is internally pulled up to +5 V inside the
power supply.[8][9]

24-pin ATX12V 2.x power supply connector
(20-pin omits the last four: 11, 12, 23 and 24)
Color Signal Pin Pin Signal Color
Orange +3.3 V 1 13 +3.3 V Orange
+3.3 V sense Brown
Orange +3.3 V 2 14 −12 V Blue
Black Ground 3 15 Ground Black
Red +5 V 4 16 Power on Green
Black Ground 5 17 Ground Black
Red +5 V 6 18 Ground Black
Black Ground 7 19 Ground Black
Grey Power good 8 20 Reserved N/C
Purple +5 V standby 9 21 +5 V Red
Yellow +12 V 10 22 +5 V Red
Yellow +12 V 11 23 +5 V Red
Orange +3.3 V 12 24 Ground Black
  • Pins 8, 13, and 16 (shaded) are control signals, not power:
    • “Power On" is pulled up to +5V by the PSU, and must be driven low to turn on the PSU.
    • “Power good" is low when other outputs have not yet reached, or are about to leave, correct voltages.
    • The “+3.3 V sense" line is for remote sensing.[7]
  • Pin 20 (formerly −5V, white wire) is absent in current power supplies; it was optional in ATX and ATX12V version 1.2, and deleted as of ver. 1.3.



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