D-Link DIR-451 Huawei E219 3G card, E220 driver will do the job

looking for help, but we can give help also

It is the issue that we have to revisit DIR-451 and the problem. Apple’s problem, or D-link’s problem, or Android’s problem ? we are not sure till this minute, only we knew that, these combination is a problem for us, it was minor bug until we need to access to router management without PC.


DIR-451, no way to login to router with Ipad, iphone and Android device, Macbook air has problem too. So we decided to have a brand new D-Link device, DIR-457u, hummm Bingo…….. no javascript error by DIR-457u, login to router is good, but sorry, one gone one came, because 457u has problem of WPA secure access. So DIR-451 has to be in service until anything could be WIFI capable without need to connect to RJ-45 LAN socket, but not today or foreseeable soon, still a noticeable problem.

It was lack of support by D-link, during warranty in 2008, D-Link customer service said that they had have no plan to update firmware for DIR-451, and Huawei E219 3G modem was not supported, such request had been ignored without attention to their technical division. And then they told us in 2010, this DIR-451 was end in 2005 without further production.

if you are interested to see what is E219 or E220, do not miss this article,

However, D-Link is constantly update firmware to make more compatibility issue resolved since 2008 to 2011, because numbers of 3G modem card produced, it can be found with change log of firmware update, but somehow this Firmware Version: 1.21 b30 had been removed just few days ago off from D-link web site, we did not know why, perhaps another good stuff will be available soon for users, let’s see.

this is partial of change log by D-Link, of course, if no 1.21 b30 firmware, we will not see these,

D-Link DIR-450 (EVDO) & DIR-451 (WCDMA) Release Note

Firmware Version: 1.21 b30
Hardware Version: A1/A2

Date = Wed, 29 Sep 2010

CheckSum: 0xFFF40423 (DIR-451)

Firmware type: failover + vpn version + linux 2.6 kernel + integrated all EVDO & WCDMA cards and web server’s fields.

1. fix Huawei E180 can’t connect Internet issue in Taiwan

Notes :
Base on report :
fixed bug number :


D-Link DIR-450 (EVDO) & DIR-451 (WCDMA) Release Note

Firmware Version: 1.21 b29
Hardware Version: A1/A2

Date = Wed, 15 Sep 2010

CheckSum: 0xFFF47379 (DIR-451)

Firmware type: failover + vpn version + linux 2.6 kernel + integrated all EVDO & WCDMA cards and web server’s fields.

1.fix lan pc can’t access some URL with pppoe – add NAT set dynamic tcp MSS(Max Segment Size) 

Notes :
Base on report :
fixed bug number :


We would consider that a major issue if integrity of customer service of which is not be able see user feedback, this would be far more behind without quality of technical service, and a little disappointed to such way of service. We understood every company has sales strategy and limited resource for product life support with, but we are looking for simple solution to make things better if no official support, working on our own accord is possible another way.

Anyway, good thing is, Huawei E219 and Huawei E220 are identical to each other, except minor differences of speed lock by different firmware, at least we think so. They should share the same driver, and we had plugged E219 to DIR-451, it is ok, as long as E220 driver is selected and APN is INTERNET by 3G service provider, what you need, DIR-451, firmware v.1.21_b24. firmware v.1.21_b30 is working for us too, but can not be found at D-Link web site now.

good luck and try this –

you are welcome to leave your message if any topic for E219 or DIR-451.

screen shots of DIR-451 firmware update, before 1.21B24, after 1.21B30

就此事件, 我們認為 D-Link 的客戶服務並沒有把消費者的問題適時適當地反映到內部以解決產品實用性的問題, 同樣的可能原因, 公司大, 人多. 過了保固期, 更加不敢奢望能解決, 因為義務或責任的時效過期了, 但是還是盡人事寫封信去請求一下, 看看 JAVASCRIPT ERROR 能否解決, 畢竟為了這個又買了 D-Link 另外一個產品 DIR-457u, 現在還是保固內, 那接下來就看 D-Link 要不要聽聽客戶的心聲了. 他們有能力處理, 只是消息有沒有傳達到管理人員那裡, 管理者決策又要不要分配一些資源處理問題而已. 根據俺自己開發 FAX 轉 EMAIL 的小小經驗, 這些修修改改的事不難, 難度其實在有沒有適當人員和工具, 另外有沒有用心要做. 不過話說回來, 個人易行, 公司難為, 同樣的可能原因, 公司大, 人多.

學習到另外一點, 客戶服務要做好並不是聽個電話或回封 EMAIL 那麼簡單, 適時適當加上用心去做, 才是好的.


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