DFROBOT, Accessory Demo Shield For Arduino Mega ADK, it does not works well


My friend had sent me a kit, looking for help, she also brought me the web site of the supplier of this kit as following,


Simply description of the problems,
1) touch the icon of android robot, no response of capsense;
2) light sensor in action, interferes temperature sensor & temperature reading fluctuating;

further test to confirm whether this kit is completely in malfunction or just few of the problems as described above

1) RGB LED, ok

2) relay output, ok

3) PWM output, ok

4) Joystick & buttons, ok

so, this is able to confirm a design problem of this Accessory Demo Shield For Arduino Mega ADK (compatible). not justify to return or ask replacement unless no more expense of postage or no project due date.

A simple recommendation, to buy an official google demo kit, not this clone product any more, unless she wants more headache or professional to fix if buy more. Of course, I have fix this kit for now to catch up her final-year-project of undergraduate.

I will upload some picture later on, in order to help the users to gain more visual aid, not everyone but at least for her team and fellow hopefully.



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