Ubuntu 11.10, I/O control via LPT port, try GUI design

this is handy to review my learning path of C coding, and reference someone else work done.

Today further on experiment of GUI programming in Linux (Ubuntu), we use the tool – QT creator of which developed by Nokia.

Qt Creator is a cross-platform IDE
integrates Qt framework
includes code editor, UI designer, project management tools, integrated debugger and much more.

I have installed this tool, QT-sdk, see the page of how to below,

So what do I do and how to use it ?
Google and found something suit my need

an open source code and package for parallel port control, by OpenTechLab, may be a guy. may bunch of guys, anyway, I am ready to try

references and further reading –

Complete Qt software development kit for Ubuntu

Gui front end for parallel port controller in Linux

Ubuntu 11.10, I/O control via LPT port, in command mode without GUI

Ubuntu 8.10, I/O control via LPT port


Ubuntu 8.04, I/O control via LPT port

Yahoo blog has problem to search out those historical blog posts, I am not so happy with that, but free of charge, what else we should complain?




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