Ubuntu 11.10, Evolution, to mail embedded image, you have to remove “evolution-rss"

The following is an embedded photo in email body, this email is sent by “Evolution", an email client of Ubuntu 11.10. It is functional identical to company used Microsoft Outlook 2007 in Window7.

before, “Evolution" was not sent embedded images in email body but filtered out, hence to use email to post to WordPress was not feasible if we want text and embedded some images in email body.

so why uses email & to post to WordPress, as it is seeing so many advantage, you can drag and drop image easily with this local email editor, the “Evolution", and no longer required to bother online editing or image uploading, may be more, easy to maintain a copy of the post in your email account.

Talking to these advantages, and may you find drawback with this approach to post to WordPress ? yes, I do not know how to update an earlier published blog or set the category that we want….so what is next?

reference :

problem and solution, the solution for now is to remove the “evolution-rss" package with Synaptic.





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