Ubuntu 11.10, I/O control via LPT port, GUI design compile done

preparation :
Ubuntu 11.10, I/O control via LPT port, try GUI design

It is a bit tricky to compile this code, will there is some error message displayed, but it does not alter to our purpose. I have repeated two times and confirmed the following is working for myself,

1) download the source code here http://opentechlab.blogspot.com/2009/12/gui-front-end-for-parallel-port.html

2) extract to local storage, mine is, /HOME/LPT_IO_Qt/parport

3) invoke “qmake" (once qt-sdk installed, this command will be effective), “makefile" will be generated in same folder. (“qmak -project", did not works; “make" did not works)

4) invoke “make" (“qmake" did not works), executable “parport" will be compiled & generated, as I have modified ui.parport.h to show my own windows title, in order to prove if my compilation is successful. The other file highlight in green (parport2, it was bundled with source code, not by local compilation)

cooking & done, the next is to revisit those code or re-coding

steps for my memory –

“qmake", before & after, “makefile" is generated, error message ?!

“makefile" is ready, invoke “make" to build these source code

“make" is done, source code is building ok, “parport" (in green), it is executable generated

try to run our build as root, invoke “sudo ./parport"

it is done, my compilation is working




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