ainol novo 7 paladin charger problem, unresponsive of touch screen or uncontrollable behavior, 艾诺 NOVO7 骑士

They said Ainol novo 7 paladin was the first Android 4.0 (Ice Cream sandwich) deployed device.

Why did we had such tablet device ? it was about RMB$499 in China trade, almost US$100 at that time, we were hoping that a Android device could be used to play with Adriano. review the workaround, also a Android device, but HTC cell phone (ARM process, HTC cell phone)

Another question came up, why no more Novo 7 Paladin but HTC cell phone used ? The obvious, Novo 7 Paladin powered by MIPS CPU, not ARM, so it is totally incompatible of Android-ARM based software & hardware, even Arduino ADK is not be able to installed.

Second question, battery problem, soon and later of charging and playing, naughty boy was expecting to play anytime for the game of Angry Bird, but they left this Novo 7 Paladin at home and then came back two days later, battery was drained completely, no power. A simple question by that boy : " my Dad’s ipad could averaging about more than one week idle time, it could be still to play with, looks like your ipad either is in malfunction or it is 無料到, because only one day off, no battery".

Yeah…..the user is expecting more than just a simple tablet computer like this. The boy plugged charger in and found the device was not be able to control over the touch screen, some very unpredictable response as well.

Ok, boy test was done and we could comment on this novo 7 paladin, further investigations about charger problem or batter problem, we believed the battery idle time was sole rely on firmware and hardware, we could do nothing.

Unresponsive of touch screen or uncontrollable behavior, a simple but do not got any idea why the company did that crap design, cost saving or design wrong ? The charger shipped with this tablet, it has no grounding path to the main power (someone told me that the Y-capacitor was missing), and then switching power noise or missing grounding interfered capacitive touch screen, resulted the device was not functioning properly during charging.

Solution –

1)    to remove the charger when playing, or
2)    to try other good design charger, I tested few charger, include iphone charger, my USB charger, they are ok to uses when charging and playing simultaneously

The company can improve such product to gain more positive of user experience as long as they want to be.

So, what was the charger looks like, and what was the problem, picture will tell everything about the bug of this problem. why no return to manufacturer? postal & time are much expensive than the charger itself. anyway, it is a good video game console so far, unless you are expecting an ipad like device and signifcant running hours.

aniol novo 7 paladin charger problem



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