USB 5V boots up to 9V

This is my first attempted to design and build a practical simple boost converter, built in last night.

Input : USB power rail 5V

output : 9V @ 2mA

easy but every effective, it could be used for my Arduino project and help to transforms 網樂通 (an obsolete IPTV, set top box for free) to become a fax relaying server.

Yes, it is 100% handmade and discrete component build, no any IC is used, no need of etching PCB, only handy tools and single side copper clad board. The distinction of this handmade, quick & easy, plenty of GROUND can be used everywhere within board area. In compare with those pre-drilled PCBs of which is used for hobbyist or prototyping, this DIY approach offers inevitable advantages.

How it looks like and how to used that ? It acts as a functional block with 3 terminals, +5V input, Ground, 9V output.




    • +5V 輸入, 9V 輸出, 電流容量 2mA, 某些品牌的 MCU 自動進入 BOOT LOAD 需要電壓, 例如 AVR / MOTOROLA, 自己好玩的設計而已, 沒有特定用途. 電路圖要下星期回去住處才能找呢..


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