iPAD LCD malfunction, is it possible a project of planned obsolescence ?


We have few pieces iPAD that occurred exactly same problem like one of pictured above.  In our case, LCD display malfunction just happened right after 2 years purchase or about extend warranty period expired about a week, it is about LCD driver IC malfunction of inside LCD module, nothing either related improper handling or drops down. We left some video to show that problem but a picture is enough. This kind of defective could not be fixed unless replace LCD screen.

what is coincidently, someone did some video at already show the exactly problem of this display malfunction as one of the following,





Is it possible that another story of [The Light Bulb Conspiracy] ? yes, it is not easy to proof, however it is also being a chance to review the possibility of planned obsolescence. In theoretically, to design something in electronics today, we could do anything a planned timer/counter and a designed malfunction symptom, easy but effective to render something became unusable, was it?

short ULR of this post,





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