Europe trip, EXIF of photo and format

when travelling and crossing the border, something just forgot time zone change without times adjustment, the camera also has such timezone adjustment function, however, forgotten is the most common problem with human.

We have had this problem during last week when travel from Asia to Europe, one camera had adjusted to local time correctly in London, but the other one was not setting correctly, more on this, it was showing an even wrong date at 2013/JAN, and Taipei time setting. Therefore all photos were taken with that camera had show wrong historical date and time, more precisely, imprinted date and time were not adjusted to local timezone, not just shifting by timezone difference.

neo_DSCN2594 neo_DSCF0903

View binary files of the pictures, EXIF information & appearance

EXIF comparasion



Soon and later, discovered of how to adjust the date and time of EXIF of a JPEG file of picture, this would be easy to fix this problem with binary editor, just manually correct the date&time stamp (total of 3 time stamp) in a picture file, it will be done. Following is an example of this approach,


One picture is done and easy. how about the real scenario with more than 1000 pictures and more? still need to neat and clean solution to deal with, can I ?

some ready made tool with open sources, date adjustment is easy, but timezone shifting plus date adjustment is not easy.


open source tool, by Matthias Wandel

EXIF information



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