Should we Put the LPC800 Quick-Jack solution to the test ?


Revisit our design and work done with some prototypes, the Smartphone is always missing over the past years, because it is sophisticated at the host-software design and front-end build, of course the cost exercise has many concerns, also the PC terminal and size constraint.

More recently, the Arduino and AVR MCU based design, it is giving more freedom on size and handy application, but again, no graphic display or the cost add up so much without justify to the work. Windows CE or those handheld device, it was more constraint to the API and workaround.

Today, NXP has been appealing to boost LPC and the application board range, like TI wants to boost the MSP family and try to grasp open source and the hobbyist.


nEO_IMG_DSCF7809 nEO_IMG_tR0014410 nEO_IMG_DSCF7805



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