Philips, CSS7235Y/12 Service Manual, Fidelio E5 隨選環迴聲效無線喇叭


Philips, CSS7235Y/12 Service Manual, Fidelio E5 隨選環迴聲效無線喇叭

IR remote control code

Service Manual:

L tube : Main board, HDMI module, Bluetooth module, NFC module, CPU STM32F101, JTag available

R tube : Power supply

L-R : DIN 13 pin socket-plug connector used, 10 pins used as functional

LED functional description as following


User Manual


Repair service for NFC/bluetooth module/power module, please contact xiaolababo @ gmail . com

There is no any service manual for your donwload or printout, please contact your local Philips authorised dealer or service center.


    • pls contact your local dealer for repairing, or you can try to replace the battery inside by yourself to see whether it could be reactivated.


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