These are logs for Arduino usage, but this gadget could be unleashes more computational power if you are really able to understands microcontroller (MCU). so far, except the basic blinking program to every testing to confirm mine is good or bad, done so far was only real one application, a quick and dirty temperature logger with MAX6675.

Anyway, it is very good tool to help someone who is for fun or education for computing learning.

Things are good and things could be bad too, depends on prospects of learning and fun are some elements of my journey & life. so this gadget is terribly bad if speed of sophisticated application and code size constraint. In contrast, it is also good in general for simple and quick logic for fun project.

Arduino, 改良那八個按鍵的特製遙控器

Arduino, why C code and problem, for-loop


Arduino, ATA 硬盤, 寫一百萬 SECTOR 耗時 230 秒

Arduino, firmware Burn8U2 for burn hex M16U2 or M8U2

Arduino, 用了 lcd.print 或 serial.write, 突然就出問題

DSCF5143 LCD char map test

Arduino UNO REV.3 test result

Ubuntu 11.10, Arduino 0023 complie problem

DFROBOT, Accessory Demo Shield For Arduino Mega ADK, it does not works well

Test email wordpress with picture embedded

Test email wordpress with picture embedded

Ardunio 1.0, software test and result

ainol novo 7 paladin charger problem, unresponsive of touch screen or uncontrollable behavior, 艾诺 NOVO7 骑士

Introduction of MCU used for video signal generation

AVR USBaspLoader is working with Arduino + LCD4Bit Library

AVR USBaspLoader is working with Arduino + LCD4Bit Library + PS2 MOUSE

AVR USBaspLoader is working with Arduino

AVR USBaspLoader, need host driver for arduino


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